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Gramsci made contact with the DJ scene at the age of 14, but started to commercialize himself only at the age of He shared with us his beginning in this adventure that he embraces with passion.

Ce bouton-là était noté Groove. Puis quelques Année plus tard, en cherchant un nom, je suis retombé sur la radio. During my childhood, there was an old radio set with a big button, which I liked to play with.

When you clicked on it, the sound became louder Bass. This button was marked Groove. Then a few years later, while looking for a name, I fell back on the radio. I took the Groove and just added the X in front for more originality. Tu rêvais de devenir qui? I wanted to be a doctor. I told my parents about it and then they reluctantly accepted. Being there, I kept looking at the mechanics who were tknymix. My grandfather saw that I was interested so he gradually introduced me and gave me as a mentor my two cousins and for almost 6 years tonmix, I have been practicing mechanics.

Parle-nous de ton fond musical? What is the basis of this contact? Tell us about your musical background? Dépasser ceux qui brillent déjà dans le domaine à ma façon.


Valmix pour son talent et Tonymix pour sa polyvalence et ses astuces. Ma maman, on a beaucoup traversé ensemble. My mom, we went through a lot together. It was in August in Les Cayes, it was the first time I was in charge of the animation by playing in front of hundreds of people and I made a big impact with this performance. Comment gères-tu études et carrière? Je notivation pris du lundi au dimanche. Si je passais à côté, je voyais rapidement les conséquences. Et quand il le faut, quelques semaines avant les examens, je ne prenais plus de contrats.


During the classical studies, it was hell, managing St Louis de Gonzague tonymmix the tonymxi year of high school with that in parallel was not an easy task. As a result, I made a schedule like for school. If I missed it, I quickly saw the consequences.

Ma playlist « sport et motivation » du moment

I have almost the same schedule for electrical engineering so far. Et la copine dans tout ça? Tonjmix pense quoi de ta carrière?

Et je peux clairement voir les progrès durant cet intervalle, car je passais mes nuits à improviser, créer et innover. What about the girlfriend in all this? What does she think of your career? And I can clearly see the progress during that time, because I spent my nights improvising, creating and innovating. My girlfriend thinks I have a future and she encourages me to produce much more to better reach the audience and above all she has important criticisms.

Feel the audience synchronizing with my groove and the animation that the audience is fully involved and loves what I do.

Haiti : la jeunesse réclame le bon côté de Tony Mix! – Haiti Reyèl

Où te vois-tu dans 5 ans? Where do you see yourself in five years? Mauvaise organisation des promoteurs. Who would you like to look motlvation Une musique que tu aimes, mais que ne fait pas forcément danser? Friends — Marshmallow and Anne Marie. Still — Snoop Dog feat Dr Dre. Fefe — 6ix9ine Ft Nicky Minaj. Oui, je pense que oui. Toutes mes compétences viennent de la routine. Yes I think so. All my motivatin come from the routine. I still have not learned anything academically about the field.

Gramsci, what is your biggest professional secret? Les rythmes sont divers bpm. Oh yeah, so for you, Compas is not valued enough? And why is that? The rhythms are various. They can be readjusted to make derived trends or inspired without leaving everything to adopt other trends whose origins and interpretation are rarely known. Alors à travers cette petite causerie, on a pu découvrir que Gramsci réfléchi au-delà du DJ. So through this little chat, we were able to discover that Gramsci was thinking beyond the DJ.


motivation tonymix

Talented, we noticed it and above all full of dreams and hope. With his perseverance, we see him become what he wants to be and this, in less time than we think! Entrez vos coordonnées ci-dessous ou cliquez sur une icône pour vous connecter:.

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Je voulais être Médecin. What was your childhood dream? You dreamed of becoming who? And what has changed? Exceed those who are already shining in the field in my own way. Who inspires you the most? Tonymixx for his talent and Tonymix for his versatility and tricks. Someone for whom you have the greatest respect and why? Ta nuit la plus mémorable en tant que Dj? Your most memorable night as a DJ?

How do you manage your studies and tohymix To have my show.

motivation tonymix

Play abroad and leave the Name. Poor organization of promoters. À qui aimerais tu plus ressembler? An old song that you still love? Une musique populaire mais que tu détestes? Popular song that you hate?

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Red Bull Music 3Style. Penses-tu avoir du talent? Do you think you have talent? Cross-fader ou Channel fader?

Cross-fader or Channel fader? Quel genre de musique devrait être beaucoup plus acclamer? What kind of music should be much more acclaimed? Tu intègres le Compas dans tes mixs? Do you integrate Compas into your mix? Sur le même thème. Laisser un commentaire Annuler la réponse.

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