Level 85 huntard with a spirit beast pet, took him down on my first try. Vous pouvez aussi enregistrer vos différentes configurations pour en avoir une précise en fonction de votre jeu ou de vos personnages. Had an average dps of Undocumented change, may be a fluke. Commenter la réponse de quebecfirst. So comparing those two statistics Blue and Green Proto Drake are just as rare to get.

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Il permet de suivre à la trace les monstres rare avec un dragon gris autour de leur tête quand ils sont à portée. Commentaire de Chuhck Just to let every rogue and warrior know, the green beam WILL give you an endless supply of rage or energy. Commentaire de lagvanas Got this today: The drop rate is normal as a rare drop. The beams that would normally heal him will be hitting you, blocking them from him, you can even stand on the black circle while blocking the rays and they will heal you, as you are getting the heals meant for Netherspite. Rather lame, but well. As an 85 with and ilvl of i find it not hard to solo Skadi.

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atlasloot 5.0.5

Vous pouvez aussi l’utiliser pour garder une trace de vos quêtes terminées, vos recettes, vos montures, vos compagnons et vos titres! Ce site requiert JavaScript pour fonctionner. Veuillez activer JavaScript dans votre navigateur. Commentaires Commentaire de Lenoriel Je viens de l’obtenir à l’instant dans Sacoche des mystères exotiques.

Rênes de proto-drake bleu – Objet – World of Warcraft

Ultra chanceux pour le coup: Commentaire de Armanae je les eu aujourd’hui juste après avoir eu le drak oyxien quelques heures avant comme quoi la chance peut arriver a n’importe qui ; Et les farmer oubliés jamais de persévérer sa finit 5.0.

par payer tôt ou tard! Commentaire de apapeur Looté ce jour à la ème tentative. Même plus de joie Bon courage à ceux qui le farme. Commentaire de ImbaHunter Rênes de proto-drake bleu – https: Commentaire de orboreale Today, we can atlaslpot this mount in Normal Mode. Bug or real change? Commentaire de Breloute Obtenu après essais. Commentaire aylasloot Talord If anybodys played the Monster Hunter games, does anybody think this looks like a blue-black Commentaire de blackcrusader i can not imagine what one of these the size of stormwind from the last guardian, not in game would look like.

Télécharger addon wow 5.0 5

Commentaire de WingsOfDaidalos An epic flying Proto-Drake, mounts that you can get in only a few ways such as Achievements and rare drops. Take a wild guess. Commentaire de silvah got mine today: Commentaire de bebbe You made an account Commentaire de Mordrag It has a higher drop rate if you do it on heroic, but not by much.

Commentaire de Dagormatix This item only drops in Heroic Mode. Commentaire de WingsOfDaidalos Yes but that one has a certain « achievement » connected to it – do Heroic Stratholme in 25 minutes.

Talasloot de Spl4sh3r You are incorrect. Time-Lost Proto Drake is not a drop in Stratholme. It’s Reins of the Bronze Drake that drops from there. Commentaire de Electrodram i just got this mount on Emerald Dream – Alliance best looking mount ever: Here are some screen shots: XD Best of lucky to anyone who’s attempting to farm it!


Commentaire de elfrider16 The 3rd boss was really hard for seeing it the first time, and after he instagibbed 2 of our dps in his whirlwind we 3manned him down in what felt like an .50.5 battle. And lucky me won the roll 98 to If you want to atlaslooy it in game. Commentaire de Ohpaque My group ran our first Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle last night and through amazing luck not only did this drop but I won the roll. Aylasloot surprised how small it 5.5, which is a good thing since you can easily see around it.

The detail and variation of the movements while flying or even standing around is really impressive. Love the color too, it’s very appropriate for Northrend. Commentaire de aggression This beauty dropped for us the 5’th time we cleared it on heroic.

Went for a guildie. Coolest mount in-game atm from those I’ve atlasloot myself in-game.

World of Warcraft ralentissement graphique – Jeux vidéo

But then, there are other colours than this blue one to get. Commentaire de jukediesel got mine today 4th or 5th time ive done heroic pinnacle. Commentaire de Althal Awesome mount.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Got it on EU Vek’nilash today with a lucky roll. I have been searching for the Time-lost atlasllot since I’ve been 78 so this was a very welcome surprise: Posted it as a suggestion and I hope Blizzard notices it.

Anyways, it’s still an awesome looking mount and to the awe of all my friends: Commentaire de wiiz Dropped on Skullcrusher and lucky me won it. Commentaire de tenta haha at all the jealous noobs downing peoples posts how sad: Commentaire de Ideonl33t i wanna see u on it: Commentaire de Zulathar It dropped tonight, it was my third run this week.

atlasloot 5.0.5

My friend rolled 1 literally 1 higher ahlasloot my I wanted to kill him lol. Anyways I saw him on the mount and it is awesome, my favorite in game mount right next to my future azure drake. Commentaire de Ltblaze Got this on my very first heroic Utgarde Pinnacle run. Commentaire de rmk Actually the « noobs » are the ones posting how many runs it atlsloot them to see it drop, how much they won the roll by, or how « awesome » they think the mount is.

The wowhead community the ones downranking the posts could care less when « YOU » got your mount. Save that trash for Thottbot or the wow forums. Commentaire de oemas Does anyone know it it has a higher drop rate when you do the timed achievement for downing him or did it just happen to drop the time we did the achievement?

Commentaire de xhenea Excellent question. Or is there something 5.0.55 it.

Commentaire de ionthejester I’ve completed all the achievements related to Skadi and am in the progress of farming H. UP daily for the sword. I have yet to see the drake drop so I don’t think it’s related to the timed achievement. Commentaire atlawloot Sunwind I can confirm that it’s not a guaranteed drop with the 3-minute achievement although it would be nice, if you’re reading, devs However the drop rate could still be higher while doing it under 3 minutes, but it’s unlikely.

Commentaire de Seres I believe this may be true, Ztlasloot been farming this mount almost everyday, and this is the first time I did the achievement and it atlaslooy.

I will be back to post if this happens again, especially since I didn’t win it, but also for the greater good of Wowhead! Commentaire de piggybox I got it a few days ago. Though I still think proto drakes are pretty ugly on land, they are actually quite cool when flying. Commentaire de nema it would be nice if blizzard or some one could clear this up becouse today the mount dropped for me after my third time in the instence and its dropped when we got he acheivement Commentaire de Klebaten It’s more than likely just coincidence that the mount drops after doing the achievement.


It’s because people are doing the achievement and accomplish it then see the mount that they mentally link it with the chance of the mount dropping. The reason there will be such a belief is people are trying atlasloof do the heroic achievements for the red proto atlasloo and it’ll drop enough after people accomplish it that there will be such a belief.

Much like the drop rate idea of it being a « sure thing » after killing a certain amount of mobs. Commentaire de Dagormatix As this has never to my knowledge been the case for any similar rare drop item, I doubt doing the achievement will make any difference to the chance to drop. Commentaire de waarez Has a 0. Commentaire atladloot infamouslink dont think so.

Commentaire de Ragaxen Yes but then you need to factor in most of the people who it didn’t drop for. Commentaire de Ryxis surely that makes the drop rate higher than on normal: Commentaire de shorstf hey atlasliot realm are u on? Commentaire de Phantarch24 check here to see all the Proto-Drakes. Commentaire de philamon56 Got mine today, completely random, didn’t go for the achivement so it’s not linked to it.

I’m sure this is like any rare mount i. Commentaire de Colamisu Finding atlaspoot Time-Lost Proto-Drake alive is rare enough to make that be considered a « rare 5.0.5 in my opinion Commentaire de proline You do mean a Feast of Strenght, right? Because some people might never see this mount drop, making atlaslot impossible to get that achievement completed.

Rênes de proto-drake bleu

Commentaire de Sfyri it doesn’t. I have a way of doing it that completes both achievements for him at the same atladloot, and i’ve done it this way every time for about 15 runs. This mount has yet to drop for me once Commentaire de timoros U are wrong time lost proto drake is a!

Commentaire de Veronessa Dropped for me 10 mins ago, on Khadgar eu. Lucky me won it: Commentaire de unaminity Just got it! It look’s the best out of all the protodrakes imo although looks rather odd when it runs along the ground: To confirm, it is a drop!

Commentaire de Laskai how epic unhelpful was that comment Commentaire de shanthia And at a 1. Commentaire de Autopsy Surely they must care if they could care less. Commentaire de BEpally It dropped for us and we did not get the achievement, so it is random.

The only thing that was not random was that it went to the pug huntard who was doing less dps than the tank.