Frequently Asked Questions


The Basics


What is hoop?

hoop is a mobile video app that works as a social network for videos. It’s where your videos gain momentum and evolve into “social video chains” triggered by trends, topics and memes.


What is hoop all about?

We’re all about the continuous video experience enabling people to easily switch between watching or joining the video creations of others, helping to build dynamic content that’s bigger than the sum of the parts.


How does hoop work?

You can participate in three ways: create your own chain by uploading or creating an initial 15-second video. You can also join an existing chain by responding with their own video. Or you can simply vote for individual videos. The more votes a video has, the higher it moves up in their chain. Chains can be discussions, trends, compilations, challenges, memes or anything else that can be developed collectively and have a topic or a theme.


What is a hoop video?

A video that wants to get seen. A video that has a purpose of becoming a hoop video chain.


What’s a hoop chain?

A hoop chain is a string of related video responses that are triggered by a hoop video and are sorted by popularity.


Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for new talent to join us. Have a look at our hiring page.


Who’s Danielle Daily?

We’ve got a community, so someone has to manage it! Danielle is your go-to source for anything and everything hoop. Want to start a chain and need some help picking it up? Confused about your list of followers? She’s got the answers. And if you’re on our Facebook, Twitter page or Instagram you’re talking to Danielle.


How much does hoop cost?

Nothing. Hoop is free and will always be. Probably ;)


Can I get in touch with you guys?

Sure. Feel free to contact us at We read everything.


Do you have a blog?

You can read more about hoop, video-making, and Danielle’s views on video here.


Signing Up


Where can I download hoop?

hoop is currently available for download on the App Store.


Why do I need to give my email address when signing up?

No worries, we hate spam too. We need your email address to verify for security reasons. We might also send you important messages occasionally, but we would never spam you and you can always unsubscribe. Alternatively, you can signup with your Facebook account.


How do you Iog out of hoop?

If you feel like you need some space, go to My Profile and click on the settings button in the top right corner. You’ll see the Log Out button at the bottom of the screen.


Uploading Videos


How do I create a video chain?

An essential part of hoop, video chains can be made with the tap of a button. On your Home feed, tap the plus sign in the upper right hand corner and you’re ready to add your first hoop and become a hoop originator.


Why don’t I see a plus sign?

You must be a Newbie! You’ll need to get a total of 20 likes on your video responses before you’ve been leveled up to a Hotshot and then you can start your own video chains.


Who gets to wear a crown (be an Idol)?

Idols are video creators handpicked by the hoop team because of the amazing content they create. They are responsible for some killer chains and video responses, so they get to be trailblazers on hoop. They are featured and promoted more often, test and decide on new features and other cool stuff. If you think you should be a part of the Idol community, Danielle wants to hear about it.


How do I get featured on hoop?

We've got you covered. Check out this blog post to learn how.


How do I respond to an existing hoop chain?

Easy. Once you find a chain you want to join or seed, look to the upper right hand corner and tap on the Join In button. You can also scroll through the entire hoop chain and once you reach the last video, scroll left one more time and press Join In.


How long can videos be?

Videos can be up to 15 seconds.




How do I share a hoop video?

Find the sharing option at the bottom right of each video you see on hoop. Click the angled arrow and find three sharing options: Facebook, Twitter and Other. You will be given prompts for both Facebook and Twitter. The Other option allows you to copy and paste the link anywhere on the web.


How do I share a hoop chain?

You can share an entire hoop chain by sharing the first hoop in the chain.




What’s a shoutout on hoop?

A shoutout is a way to let your followers and users recently active in the category know about a video chain or video response you just made.


How do I send a shoutout?

  1. Create or respond to chain - just like you normally would.
  2. After posting, you’ll see the Shoutout display - you can pick from your followers on hoop or recently active users (up to five users every 48 hours)
  3. Tap the plus button next to their name to add them to your Shoutout - you can even add a personal message!
  4. Tap the Shoutout icon under your video >>  << to access more ways to spread the word - send messages to friends outside of hoop with a link to your video and the chain


How do shoutouts help me?

Shoutouts help you get the best video responses and allow you to better interact with the hoop community.  Also, if you invite someone to your video chain through a shoutout and they respond to you, you’ll get extra points. Same goes for if you respond to a video chain and you invite someone through a shoutout and they respond.




How do I edit my profile?

Visit your profile. Tap “Edit Profile” at the bottom of your profile display to edit your name and personalize your bio. If you are an Idol, you can even add a website.


What does the badge to the left of my profile picture represent?

Those badges represent your rank on hoop. You’ll either be a Newbie, Hotshot or Idol depending on your activity on the app.


What do points do on hoop?

Points show your contribution to the hoop community. Soon they'll tell you how far you are from the next rank and if you are a top user on hoop.


How do I get points on hoop?

There are tons of ways to get points on hoop! Here they are:

  1. If someone responds to your video chain +5
  2. If you respond to a video chain +10 points
  3. If you someone likes your video response +1
  4. If the chain creator likes your video response to the chain +5
  5. If someone responded to your chain following your shoutout +10
  6. Someone joined someone else’s chain following your shoutout +5




How do I report a video on hoop?

You can report a video by tapping on the three dots at the bottom right of every hoop video. Once you report, our moderators will be notified and will handle the issue.




What does it mean to follow someone on hoop?

Following someone on hoop allows you to see more of their content in your Home feed. The person will also be notified that you are following them.




What does triggered mean?

A triggered video is a video response within a chain. If you upload a hoop video, you want to trigger responses to your chain idea.


How do notifications work?

Notifications happen automatically when you create an account on hoop. There are a couple of different reasons why you receive them:


  • If someone followed you
  • If someone liked your video
  • If someone responded with a video in your chain or a chain you responded
  • If someone you are following posted a video
  • If someone sent you a shoutout




How do I view a chain?

Scroll left, dude!


How is my home feed sorted?

Your home feed displays a secret recipe of chains by people you follow, chains we think you’d be into and trending or popular chains throughout the hoop networks.


What’s that smiley face under my video?

This button gives you the ability to vote that video higher in the chain. Video responses in chains are sorted by votes, so the higher (further to the left) in the chain, the more likely people will be to view the video. So, essentially, you are voting for the video to be seen more.


How are videos in chains are sorted?

Videos within chains are sorted by the amount of votes (smiley faces) each video receives.