Introducing hoop 2.0

By Danielle Daily
November 21, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

It's time to get pumped about our biggest update in hoop history! The new and improved 2.0 update is available on the App Store and this one deserves a full breakdown of the goods.

Here are the top features you should be checking out:

Major facelift - New UI that makes viewing videos and chains a lot nicer and easier on the eyes.

Category leaders - Discover the top 3 creators in each Category. Become a catego... Continue reading

How to Create the Best Video Chains

By Danielle Daily
November 21, 2016
Category: hoop Blog
The most unique part about hoop is how you can evolve videos into video chains - horizontal threads of videos by various creators which are arranged by popularity. There are a lot of different types of chains, but the best chains have something in common regardless of their type - they spark creativity and give other creators endless opportunities to respond with unique, relevant videos.

Here’s how to start one.

1) Come up with a great idea  <... Continue reading

The Point of Points

By Danielle Daily
November 08, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

hoop is all about building a video playground. It lets you discover different creators to connect, collaborate and compete with in creative ways. It’s about creating and being a part of something bigger. In other words, it’s all about community. And points reflect your involvement and contribution to the hoop community. Points represent all of the effort you put into making your videos by letting you unlock new features and achievements. They even help distinguish you among the... Continue reading

A few fixes to our points system

By Danielle Daily
November 08, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

You might have noticed a change to your amount of points. This was caused by an update we just rolled out to our points system in order to fix a few bugs and balance the overall logic of how points are earned.

Points reflect the involvement and contribution of creators to the hoop community. We take it very seriously. While we realize it might be frustrating to lose some of your points, we’re also confident you’ll find this update essential as... Continue reading

Our Biggest, Bestest Update Ever

By Danielle Daily
September 20, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

hoop is all about community. We’re about connecting video creators and making it easy to collaborate and create something fun and completely unique. That’s why I’m so excited about this update! Not just because it’s our biggest yet, but because it makes the hoop community so much more connected and social. Better yet, the new features were added almost completely based on your feedback and suggestions. So here’s the scoop:

Send a Shoutout

Continue reading

Tags: update new version features social video

7 Video Selfies You Don't Want to Miss

By Danielle Daily
August 16, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

Thanks to front-facing phone cameras, light-enhancing phone cases and stores made for selling selfie sticks, this trend-turned-phenomena known as the "selfie" is here to stay. And with the popularity of video-making at an all-time high, creating the "video selfie" has naturally ensued as a new and improved way to share your personal moments and memories with the world.

So what are the best ways to take a video selfie? Check out our curated list of video selfies to help in your searc... Continue reading

Tags: video selfie selfie content epic selfie challenge

What Makes a Social Cause Go Viral?

By Danielle Daily
July 25, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

If you are looking to make your social cause go viral, take a few notes from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This simple idea took the web by storm in 2014 and had social media along with the rest of the world in a tizzy over just a simple bucket of ice water (that happened to be dumped on your head). Most likely, the ALS Foundation didn’t expect the phenomena that would occur, but since it did, there n... Continue reading

Tags: social video social action video chain videos

Let's get featured: How to get your videos seen on hoop

By Danielle Daily
July 13, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

Unlike most conventional social platforms, the Home feed on hoop is a party everyone can join. And like any party, the best part is meeting and interacting with new people (at least until we’ll add a virtual beer pong feature). The Home feed is a mix of video chains by people you follow, popular chains and “Featured” chains that are handpicked by the hoop team and are displayed to practically everyone on the app - a great opportunity to be discovere... Continue reading

Tags: video promotion video chain video tools social app video app

How to Gain a Following on Social Media

By Danielle Daily
June 28, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

If you post a video of your dog getting vacuumed on social media, and you don’t have any followers, did it really even happen?

Followers on social media make all of the hard work curating your page worth it. Without people who look at your lip-syncing selfies and carefully constructed breakfast sandwiches, what’s the point in even sharing it?... Continue reading

Tags: social media video followers tips

5 Tips for Taking Great iPhone Videos

By Danielle Daily
June 14, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

These days, everyone has a phone that can take videos and most likely know the basics of pressing a red button to record. But did you know there are a few easy things to do with an iPhone to create even better videos? Below are a few tips put together to help you get in the zone the next time hoop opens up and you want to make a video. They are easy, and most importantly, free!

1) Lock Exposure and Focus (especially with videos!)

AE/AF lock is... Continue reading

Tags: iPhone video video tips hoop videos video den

Why is hoop different?

By Danielle Daily
June 07, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

Heard that we're live? Good, because hoop is breaking social video norms and offering up a playground for your lonely videos.

“But, Danielle, we don’t know why we should really care.”

hoop is the social video app that you’ve been looking for (without really looking). It combines all the best things about social video - the sharing, viewing, and collaborating - with a special X-factor. 

That X-factor is hoop’s ability to hone collaborative communiti... Continue reading

Tags: video chains hoop app social app

How to make the best video chain

By Danielle Daily
May 31, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

If you haven’t already heard, hoop is all about video chains. Sure, we’ve got the looping videos and the in-app camera, but we’ve also got these chains that we think are going to change things. It might be a new concept, but all you need are a few helpful pointers and you'll be on your way to totally irresistible video chains.

video chain

/ˈvidēˌō/ /CHān/


A linking of hoops (videos) that connect... Continue reading
Tags: video chains hoop viral videos

Is your video lonely? Time to join hoop!

By Danielle Daily
May 24, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

Big news from The Video Den: hoop is ready for download! The team’s excitement is palpable. We’ve been anticipating this day with glee, because of what hoop can offer—connection.

Mobile videos have grown exponentially in popularity these past few years, and yet they’re more disconnected than ever. Tens of millions of people create and share videos every day. We believe it’s time they all meet.

Continue reading
Tags: hoop video chain app launch video chains hoop app mobile video

hoop video checklist: what you need to make your first hoop

By Danielle Daily
April 06, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

We’ve all been there. The dreaded first post on any social media platform. It’s like stepping into your first college exam underprepared, slightly hungover, and wishing you’d at least read the syllabus.

Or maybe it’s like the first time you ever kissed someone…

So in order to help you through that painful, slightly awkward “first time”, we want to offer a checklist of sorts, something to help ease that First... Continue reading

Tags: video chain checklist hoop video

Stacking Up: Video Chains vs. Standalone Videos

By Danielle Daily
March 24, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

Videos that fly solo are nothing but in abundance on the web. But why are video chains different? What’s the benefit in a chain rather than that one-off cat gif you’ve been watching on repeat the last 3 hours?

You’re already craving video chains

Every time you see a funny video of grandma doing the “Nae Nae” and then search for a dog doing the same thing, you are looking for a curated grouping of similar videos tied to a tr... Continue reading

Tags: video chains hoop app mobile video

Introducing the newest in social video

By Danielle Daily
March 09, 2016
Category: hoop Blog

Greetings ladies and gents!

Welcome to the hoop blog, or what I like to call The Video Den. Why? Because this isn’t just a blog. It’s a collection of stories by me, Danielle Daily, and the rest of the hoop team written to bring you top-notch infotainment on anything and everything video. 

Videos capture our lives. And not only are they insanely fun to make, they help us share and remember the people and places that matter most. But what if there was a better way t... Continue reading

Tags: social app video application hoop video chain

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